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Sales / Business Development partner


Growth Manager (Fastighetsmäkleri)


Regional sales manager(South, Göteborg, Malmö Köpenhamn)


Product Designer (UI&UX)

Marketing & Communication

Digital marketing & growth manager

Full-stack developer

Fullstack / CTO


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Intro | Candidates On-Demand

Intro is the world's leading platform for outbound recruiting. We serve hundreds of clients across the globe with automating their outbound recruiting efforts. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden we're aiming to build a world-class team ourselves - a work place where people thrive and support each other. There are a few things we look for across all hires we make at Intro, regardless of role or team. First, we assess whether a candidate demonstrates our values; Efficient Execution, Transparency, Natural Curiosity, Positive Energy and Honesty. Second, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in a culture like ours, where we default to embrace feedback, be the best of ourselves, and sustain high performance over time because we play as a championship team. Come join a movement.


EquipmentLoop is a digital platform helping construction companies to reduce cost and carbon footprint through increased transparency and control of their temporary equipment, such as machines, tools, safety material and formwork. Our vision is to have the right machine in the right place at the right time, thanks to simplified ways of working, digital tools and intelligent data management and insights. Because by utilizing our assets more efficiently, we can all help lower construction costs, while ensuring that we leave our planet in a better condition than we found it. And that is what EquipmentLoop is all about.

Made In The Now

Made In The Now (MITN) creates digital products at the nexus of emerging technology and core human needs. A joint venture between Design and Technology firm, Josephmark and Strategy Design gurus Business Models Inc, MITN works with capital partners and corporate companies to investigate new thematic spaces for innovation. Currently MITN's portfolio includes: LEO - Finding hidden relationships and value in complex communities AVVA - Augmenting decision making in venture validation through the use of Prescriptive Analytics AI Project Aris - Accelerating early childhood development and empowering children to overcome deafness


EMMSTechnology is a non-profit that aims to empower women of colour and other minorities in the tech industry by creating a community and offering workshops and networking meetups. We are an organisation that was created by women of colour, for women of colour, to inspire and empower them in their journey within the tech world. Whether they are already a CEO at a top tech company, or a young student that is simply interested in the world of tech, we aim to bring minorities together and give them the tools to grow.

Material Exchange

Fashion is one of the last major industries that has not embraced full digitalisation of product development and creation. Material Exchange is a B2B platform that is industry backed and focuses on one of the hottest topics in fashion transparency and sustainability. It plays a key role in assisting brands and suppliers in the digitalisation of material data needed to source and create products. Material Exchange has 60+ apparel and footwear brands using our platform (Walmart, Jack Jones, Vero Mode, Harley Davidson), all are striving for improving transparency in working with their suppliers in a more efficient and ethical way.


YAYLOH a very early stage start-up company aiming at solving the problem of returns in e-commerce industry. We believe that post-purchase experience is a crucial part of the buying journey, both for customer and online retailers and we want to bring some excitement there! We are developing a digital tool to improve customer experience and leverage data to help online retailers take better business decisions to improve their profitability. Also, we believe that waste cannot be the cost of making profit and we are here to help retailers reduce their impact on the environment.