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There are currently no open positions at IntelFlows

Who we are

Like our CTO, Andrei likes to put it, WE DO STUFF!

And that's pretty much at the core of our team.

We're not afraid to fail smart, as long as we learn from it.

We like to help each other, but also to take ownership of a project.

We are flexible, with the place we work from, with the people we collaborate, with different working schedules.

And most importantly, we care about what we do.

Q&A with Cosmin Pirvu

CEO @ IntelFlows

What are your plans for the future?

2018 is an exciting year for me and for all of us at IntelFlows. After working on it for most of 2017, starting from scratch and going through 2 accelerator programs, we are ready to introduce the benefits of smart air pollution monitoring to even more countries in Europe.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I always had a passion for it. It may sound surprising, considering I graduated a BSc. in Chemical Engineering, but I always enjoyed starting different projects, outside of school, and working on new and exciting ones. So it's no coincidence that I decided to do a MSc. in Entrepreneurial Engineering in Denmark. And from that to becoming an entrepreneur it was just a matter of time.

Aside from achieving commercial success, what do you see as your startup’s mission?

Making an impact on something as important as air quality is an exciting challenge, but that's what makes our mission even more important.

What is your best advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Go for it with an open mind and ready to learn. A LOT.

Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
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