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Data Scientist - Team Lisbon

Student, Rest of the world
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Upbeater represent top talented students from around the world. We're dedicated to accelerate the success of our Upbeaters and get them #onestepcloser to reaching their dream career. Right now we're building a team of Lisbon's 13 top talented students within App & Web development, Visual Communication, Marketing & Business. Do you have what it takes to take one of the spots? Apply below before Feb 13!

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PythonSQLRData ScienceMatlabJava

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Great that you have found your way here!

Firsts thing first:

  • Do you believe that you're one of Lisbon's #1 data science students and have what it takes to become the next Upbeater? 
  • Do you see yourself as an up-and-coming performer with the goal to become one of the top players in your field? 
  • Are you a driven, ambitious, and self motivated individual who're constantly looking for new ways to grow in your field and believe that the right opportunities and contacts can significantly help you reach the top?  
  • Are you curious to know about new trends within your field and to follow industry updates?
  • Do you find it fun to participate in industry initiatives and to play around with your own concepts/projects on your spare time?
  • Are you confident that your talent stand out a little extra, yet humble with great communication/social skills.  

Yes? Well you sound like an Upbeater! Now, do you have the strong skills in:

  • Python, R & SQL
  • Java, C/C++ or Perl
  • Hadoop Platform, Apache Spark
  • Statistics
  • Algorithms, deep learning, machine learning & artificial Intelligence 
  • Data visualization & communication
  • Software engineering
  • Knowledge of analytical tools
  • Good to have knowledge: understand and manipulate unstructured data, multivariable calculus & linear algebra, data wrangling, data intuition, data driven knowledge, etc.
  • AND do you love deep learning and the endless future possibilities of AI & ML?     

Great, then you have the chance to become the next data science Upbeater!


  1. Include a link to your LinkedIn, resume, portfolio, Github, or other where we can see more about your background to date
  2. Write a short "work sample" (max 300 words) answering the following question; "If you only had 4 hours to set up a plan for how Upbeater could efficiently use AI/ML, what would you do and why?"
  3. Record and submit a video (max 1 min) telling us; a) Who you are. b) Why you deserve to be the next Upbeater within your field. c) Where you see yourself in the future (for example if you have any dream companies, project or roles). Please note - if you don't want to submit a video, you can choose to have a 5 min in person interview with us instead. If you prefer this option, please specify it in the text field of the application.

NOTE - by applying you guarantee that, if you are chosen, you're available to work on projects at least 10-15h/week from mid March.    

If we love your application we'll contact you by Feb 18 about the next steps.

We're looking forward to your application and wish you best of luck! 


Perks & Benefits

Geek lunch: Enjoy a free catered lunch with your colleagues at workshops or hackdays
Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
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