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Frontend Developer

Full-time, Stockholm
Monthly salary:


While social media is bringing the globe closer to us, what do we know about the people who live in the next 10 blocks in each direction from our home? What do we know about our neighborhood. This is the question that triggered us to reinvent social networking for our local neighborhood. We are building a social network that will help neighbors to connect, self-organize, and will simplify their local lives without compromising their privacy and safety.

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The team

We are a small, but growing and ambitious team. On the tech side we are currently 3 people, one full-time and one part-time developer and an intern. The three of us know our ways through frontend development, but we need a dedicated frontend developer that perhaps has longer exposure to frontend development in the recent years.

The project

We have a responsive web app that is currently written using Angular 1.6 and uses PHP for backend (transitioning to Java). However, we are aiming to redesign the platform, both code and UI, and you will be part of it. Changes are not set and we are exploring options, anything is possible, so we could stick with Angular or go with VUE or React or vanilla JS or Flutter or whatever we feel is appropriate and match our skills.

The developer we are looking for

You are someone that is able to think on different abstraction levels, has interest for software design and architecture, and value delivery over overengineered solutions.  Having an eye for basic design and UX principles would be super! There is no need to know fancy sorting algorithms and their complexity from top of your head or all the quirks of setting a web project nowadays by hand and from scratch . We believe we can use our brain power to think about innovative ways to grow our business and that more technical issues can be researched.

Required skills:

  • Strong JavaScript/TypeScript - our current frontend is written in JS using Angular 1.6, that's why a strong knowledge of JavaScript or TypeScript and solid understanding of the necessary toolchain is important
  • GIT - we use Gitlab as our source repository and you must be fluent in the its basic usage. Know your ways around resolving conflicts, merging, rebasing, branching and the reason why we should have short good commit messages.
  • Containers - our application is bundled using Docker and deployed on GKE, therefore knowledge of what a container is, how to run it and eventually build them is paramount
  • XP and Clean Code - as developers we read code more than we create it, so it is important that our code is understandable by humans, that's were you should know what clean code and XP are.
  • CI/CD - we use Gitlab CI to control our build/release pipeline, so it is important that you have some exposure and understand the concepts behind it
  • Basic backend development - our backend is splitted in PHP (mostly) and Java, but since you will be working mainly with frontend, it is not a requirement to have extensive exposure to backend development. The language and/or framework is irrelevant as long as you understand the principles of REST, MVC and the derived patterns, knows how to query a SQL database and the most common web protocols.

Bonus points:

  • Things that although not required will be highly appreciated:
  • Extended backend experience in Java
  • Familiar with SQL and NOSQL databases
  • Native mobile development

**This is NOT a remote opening and we currently do not sponsor visas, so candidates must have the proper permit to live and work in Sweden**

Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Located near public transit: Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Paid vacation: Go get that tan!

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