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Game Developer

Full-time, Stockholm
Monthly salary:


We're redefining gaming by making it possible to play top quality games with a single click. Join our dynamic team and work with the latest technologies to help shape the way games will be played in the future.

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Game developmentUnityC#C++CWebGLOpenGLJavascriptWebAssembly

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We are in the process of helping game studios port their games to Trail. We favour quality over quantity; selecting games based on their gameplay, graphics and overall quality that we believe will be great gaming experiences for our users.

As a game developer at Trail you will work mainly with this porting process, both when we port the games ourselves as well as helping game studios when they do it themselves. And since we are still a small and ambitious team, going forwards there will be many opportunities to grow with the company as well.

We are currently targeting mostly Unity games but we plan to expand to other game engines (Unreal, etc) as soon as possible. Regarding our tech stack, we work with C++, Go, Typescript, React, Kubernetes, istio, gRPC, Emscripten, WebAssembly and WebGL among others.


  • Evaluate the portability of games from a technical point of view.
  • Modify and tweak games as necessary so that they can run on WebGL.
  • Integrate the Trail SDK into the games and prepare them to be file streamed.
  • Discover, analyse and fix performance bottlenecks in games.
  • Communicate and work with developers from different game studios.

Technical skills

  • Professional experience as a Unity developer.
  • A solid understanding of games engines and skilled at performance optimisation.
  • Comfortable with languages such as C#, C++, C or Rust.

Soft skills

  • Good at communicating, you enjoy teaching and explaining things to other developers.
  • Pragmatic, curious and not afraid of hard problems.
  • Respectful of other people's skills and knowledge.

Perks & Benefits

Geek lunch: Enjoy a free catered lunch with your colleagues at workshops or hackdays
Free beverages: Caffeine fix or friday celebration beer, we have got you covered
Located near public transit: Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Paid vacation: Go get that tan!
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