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Machine learning guru / CTO

Cofounder, Rest of Sweden
Monthly salary:



To be negotiated

Ingredient Matcher is an app that shows you which recipes you can cook with the ingredients you have. Solving a daily, very common and frustrating problem that millions of people have around the world; "what should I make for dinner". The app is now live and it is time to get serious and for that we need you! Building the recipe database at scale requires an awesome recipe importer both for users to quickly copy their favourite recipes as well as importing thousands of recipes from partners!

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NLPmachine learningscrapingAI

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There are many things going forward that requires someone with great skills / an eagerness to learn NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning.

  • Recipe importer per individual recipes that will learn to be better with each import
  • Recipe importer for larger recipe collections in same formats
  • Receipt scanner that will identify the ingredients you bought and match it against the Ingredient Matcher database
  • The rest are secret :)

The job is unpaid but in return you join as a co-founder which also enables us to raise capital when it is time to go all in and scale Ingredient Matcher. Besides NLP/Machine learning expertise I hope that you also have the interest and skills to take the CTO role of our growing company.

The app is native iOS ( but a project is launched now to build it up in React native. There's a recipe importer for individual recipes in Swedish and English but it is not good enough.

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