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Master Thesis - Interaction Design

Student, Stockholm
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Within the past decade, the concert crowd turned into a sea of smartphones. We all love taking photos of our favorite shows. Not only are artists missing to reaping the benefits from this phenomenon, some even try to ban phones from venues entirely. Stagecast turns every phone in the audience into an interactive element of the light and sound show and thereby makes concerts more engaging and more profitable.

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Stagecast is a live interaction platform for concerts. The Stagecast smarthone application functions as an interface for the audience to interact with the artists before, during and a er the show, through what we call Stagecast Moments. Moments bring the concert experience to a new level: Rather than simply watching a show, the audience actively participates in the live event.


Moments are created utilizing a collaborative network of phones in the audience and are dividable into Stage Moments, Cast Moments and Message Moments. Stage Moments are incidents where the audience becomes part of the live show and can entail everything from synced colored displays to an extension of the art- ist’s repertoire of instruments. During Cast Moments a unique, branded filter is added to whatever is seen through the built in camera while taking a picture. Finally, Message Moments are messages that simply pop up on the interface for the audience to view directly. Message moments can be pictures, messages or advertisements.


We are building a platform where artists can choose moments for their shows, adjust those moments and launch them live during the show - We call it the Moment Store and the Dashboard. Informa- tion is pushed though or Server to the applications on the phones in the audience. But what is this plat- form worth without a variety of Moments that fit every conceivable artistic mood of the light show special- ists and artists? Right, not much! That‘s why we want your creative and technical skills to create more and sophisticated moments. Think AR or a mass-live-event games for the pre-show. Or maybe use the multitude of phones as a canvas - imagine every phone as a pixel in a crowd! In short, this thesis will be around Human-Comput- er-Interaction. The research question: How can we use mobile technology in a live entertainment setting in order to engage the audience more in the surround- ing/live show? We are happy to sit down with you and create and adapt the thesis topic according to your needs.


Go crazy! Go wild! Come up with lots of ideas and for- get about most of them. A moment can be anything from simple colors on each screen to an digital orches- tra hooked up with the PA system. No worries, we know this is not a creativity challenge - we have a whole cat- alogue of moments that we have not programmed yet and that you can also choose from. The founder team will guide you through the process.


Take your ideas and investigate what is feasible with resources and time. We want you to choose at least 6 moments that you deliver at the end. You will talk to our senior developer which of your ideas are feasible with the environment we have created and which mo- ments would work for us.


The fun part! Let’s start hacking. Take your ideas and make them reality. You will have technical guidance from our Web & App team leaders and our graphical designer can help you produce amazing graphic inter- faces, if needed!

Our product is currently built on Angular 2 & Erlang (Platform), Swi (IOS App) and Java (Android App). Please include your technical skill level in your application, your motivation to work at Stagecast and, if possible, your project portfolio.

Looking forward working with you! <3

Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Free beverages: Caffeine fix or friday celebration beer, we have got you covered
Located near public transit: Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Paid vacation: Go get that tan!

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