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Algoriffix is a startup company based in Stockholm that aims at boosting the creative potential of musicians and songwriters through technology, such as artificial intelligence. The company's mission is to create an intelligent music agent that listens, reflects, and reacts to a solo performance -- spontaneously and instantaneously.


Inventure is a Nordic technology fund backing early-stage entrepreneurs. Having our roots in Finland, we enjoy domains many don’t feel comfortable with, and make big bets on deep tech and scalable technologies. The strong capital base allows us to lead investments starting from initial seed-stage all the way through expansion. We currently invest from our third 120M€ fund.


We invest our time and funds in founders with grit and traction to build organizations fit for fast growth. The stack that create successful business consists of three parts: 1) Grit We believe grit is one of the key elements behind every successful founder. 2) Traction ​We look for founders that have traction, in depth knowledge of the founding team or a proven market fit. 3) Sustainable businesses​ ​We know that today only the companies that have a sustainable business straight through the core will survive and thrive in todays new environment.

Old News Club

Old News Club is an online magazine created to bring our readers the best insights and most interesting stories. We don’t deliver news for the sake of being first and we have no intention to contribute to the overflow of breaking news. Instead, our mission is to handpick timeless items with a great story and tell these stories in articles supported with high-quality pictures and videos. At Old News Club you will find a wide range of subjects. Common to all of them is the fact that they are timeless, have a classic touch or a historic element. We love racing, everything with an engine, like to travel and are interested in design, technology, craftsmanship and all things gentlemanly. In the Old News Club Buyer's Guide we provide a list of inspirational items and carefully selected high-quality products that you are able to purchase yourself. For each product we give you the background as to why this should be on your wish list of desired collectibles. For companies, we offer the option to advertise via the Old News Club website and our SoMe platforms directly to our dedicated International audience. For more information about our target audience, data and stats, please contact us directly. Visit our site at:

Sum Network

Sum Network is an early stage startup with a mind to change how people connect and stay connected in a landscape of increasing number of online communities, Social Media and messaging platforms. We believe that in order to create a great product we need combine a great mission with user understanding and outstanding engineering practices.

Cell Solar

Cell Solar Nordic AB is a fast-growing solar cell company based in Stockholm. We’re passionate about solving the climate crisis by helping Swedes to make a cost-efficient transition towards renewable energy where we focus on helping our customers through the whole process and everything around it. We want to remove our dependency on fossil fuels.


Rektra is a digital headhunter matching employers and talents with the candidate’s future vision in mind. What Recruitment today is - Costly, and without any guarantee of success - Inefficient, where cold calls consumes more time than the candidates that actually matters - Prejudiced, leading to poor fits and unhappy employees How Rektra provides an automated sourcing tool matching employers and candidates using AI, enabling efficient and unprejudiced recruitments. In contrast to the traditional CV, Rektra is forward-looking focusing on the candidate’s preferences for their next position, allowing for quality matches and sustainable employments. Why Rektra was founded to create a new, innovative way of recruiting; sourcing talents where skills and ambitions matter and name, gender and age don’t. Our vision is a fair job market though technology. Rektra is a part of SU Incubator. Rektra has also received external funding to kick-start the business.

Atomler AB

Pitch is the B2B platform which helps reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans by facilitating trade between sellers and buyers of leftover and recyclable industrial plastic materials What Challenge(s) for increasing trade with recyclable materials are... - Transparency of price is important for companies buying recycled materials - Trust between market actors is mainly created in offline meetings - Material quality is often uncertain when buying recycled materials - Speed is often lacking in finding the right recycled material in sufficient quantity How Atomler's solution: - Transparency and material quality - find material, see pricing and download material quality certificates instantly - Transparency and trust - communicate with your buyers and suppliers prior to settling the deals - Speed - finds matches for you and you can acces that information and start brokering a deal anytime, anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer Why We met working at a large second hand C2C website, realising there's a problem on the B2B side that needs to be solved. Our long term vision is to get rid of all the worlds landfills (including misplaced rubbish in the nature). A milestone is to speed up EU's goal of increasing the rate of using recycled plastics by supplying a tool to companies that solves the problems around buying and selling recyclable and leftover plastics.


We are nanvio AB and we use a patent technology with friendly environment to develop purifying products of organic pollution in air and water. At moment we specially focus on purification of washing machine sewage water , removing residual detergent in laundry water and kill bacterials and virus. so reducing harmful substances emission. The sewage water after purification can be recycle used for washing so to save water source.

Nytt AB

We at Nytt AB want to provide manufacturing companies, easy to use solutions to improve their performance considerably. Our vision is to be one of the top Industrial technology solution providers in the world and our mission is to make things easy to use, install and understand. We currently have 10 machine installations running at three different companies in Sweden. Through the testing and analysis of the data from the machines, we found the average machine utilization to be less than 50%. We are a fun mix of people with a blend of youth and experience, working towards a common goal. We keep simplicity in mind when we develop our ideas and consider innovation as a driving force. We want to provide easy and as simple to use as possible technologies for manufacturing enterprises to improve their productivity.


GREI connects people in an online community where private and intimate topics aren't tabu. We want it to be as natural to discuss menstruation, sex and intimacy as headache, travel and politics. We want to be a part of changing the world, changing the attitudes of the society, giving women and men equal possibilities and rights. We also want to enable a more realistic way of finding dates and new friends, combining gamification with traditional ways. Grei is a tech company, built on intelligent use of data, giving our users the best experience, tailored to meet their intent and needs.


We want to provide parents simplicity. Parently offer a more sustainable everyday life with a subscription service for baby products. Products from both suppliers, resellers and private persons. Choosing and buying strollers, baby carriers, car seats, cots etc. is an expensive and time consuming challenge, and sometimes the equipment is only used a few months per child. Then it has to be sold, given away or stored unused for years until the next kid comes. With a new subscription service for child gear, we want to contribute to the circular economy while giving families a high-quality experience without having to buy and own even more stuff. Long term without any time constraints. Short term rents for ex. travelling. We want to meet the ‘Nowner’ generation’s strive for freedom, experiences and access to solutions rather than consumption of things.

Preggo Gravid & Lifestyle

Preggo Gravid & Lifestyle är en livststilapp för gravida kvinnor och deras eventuella partners. Preggo släpptes på App Store och Google Play vid årsskiftet och har idag över 40 000 downloads. Vi når i nuläget en fjärdedel av Sveriges gravida kvinnor, nu vill vi lägga in en till växel och accelerera upp, både i Sverige och i Norden.


Desifer is a trusted co-creator of new business. We help business pioneers in large corporations to build new products and ventures and those who are founders of startups to accelerate their market launch. For us, business pioneers are the people who feel a need to challenge the status quo and change things to the better. They do this to create growth in their companies or simply to create a better tomorrow. They are CEO’s, business developers, corporate innovators or startup founders.


We create spaces for neighbours to collaborate and thrive. The value of a good neighbour is immense but people feel awkward making these connections. Boappa is a communication platform for housing cooperatives and home-owners associations that encourage neighbours to collaboration, the sharing economy and a positive community.