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We enable large companies to solve their problems faster out in the field as well as preventing problems using Augmented Reality (AR). We allow businesses to save costs, open up new revenue streams opportunities and improve service quality. We have worked with large enterprises such as Tetra Pak and Volvo, and we have a strong global presence with purchase orders from all continents. Our revenue has been growing around 200% and in a few months, we are launching our iOS offering. Our values are based on simplicity, innovation, and efficiency. We need to be the most adaptable technical solution on the market and deliver top-notch value.   As our team is rapidly growing, we need to have defined roles even though everyone is still involved in strategic decisions and has an impact on the future of the company. We have different experiences both regarding amount of time but also abilities, which creates a complemented team. Further, we are very goal driven, and we carefully measure our KPIs on a monthly basis to make sure we are going in the right direction. We are an informal group, and we tend to solve problems as we go, but we are here to grow. Next year, we see the company grow with 100%, expanding the team from 15 to 30 people. To us, it all comes down to two things: do the right things and do the things right. It’s as simple as that.


Fanzone helps professional athletes digitize and manage their social media channels. Through a one stop solution we help these influencers creating content, distributing it across different networks and data analytics. We are targeting team sports such as Soccer and Ice hockey at the moment, but there are no limitations regarding markets. We have many different features and keep developing new ones as we get feedback and opinions from athletes. We are a skilled, multinational team who complement each other very well. Unsurprisingly, we are all very sports interested, and sometimes we spend time outside the office watching sports games. You might find us playing Foosball in between meetings and coding. We value openness and trust, and since we are only three people on the team everyone does a little bit of everything. We have flexible work hours, and we keep an informal tone at the office, but we inevitably need to adress athlets with another approach. We want athlets to realize the benefits of being present at social media, and we want them to grow their following. This mission inspires us to work hard every day and test our limits.

Landfall Games

We are a game studio that focuses on gameplay above all else. We make games. We do them fast, they are premium and they are viral. We build prototypes in a few days, publish them and get response. Subsequently, we develop the games that people have shown interest in. Our latest game we releast is called Clustertruck. Jump on truck, stay on truck! A physics based platformer all about chaos.  We base our decisions on what is fun. We plan very little because planning ruins spontaneity and things that are genuinely fun. Spontaneity leads to creativity, simple as that. We work from the office mostly; we always do thorough follow ups on what has been working good and what hasn’t, but we rarely arrange meetings since we are a small team of three people. Sometimes we work all nights, and sometimes we go out partying on a Monday following a day in bed the next day. That’s ok. We are very, very, very good friends and spend most of our time together. Therefore, personal chemistry is crucial to us.


Scrive is a premium service for digital legal agreements, from e-signatures to retail point-of-sale. When you buy a phone and sign the contract on an iPad, that's us. We serve enterprise customers across Europe and include industries such as telecom, banking, insurance, automotive and more. Scrive is based in Stockholm, Sweden. What truly defines us is our expertise. We recruit the best people, and not everyone can work in that sort of high-intensity environment. As an example, our entire backend is built in Haskell, which is sort of a hardcore choice, but that attracts some hardcore talent. The best people don’t live in the same place, so our team includes a lot of remote people, based all over Europe.We have grown to the point where we have proper departments and responsibilities: we now have product, marketing, engineering, support, IT, operations, and sales teams. With that being said, everybody still has two jobs, and the boundaries are still blurry (after all, we are still a start-up). Many of us are based in different countries in Europe, and some of us work together at our office in Stockholm. Since we are a remote-friendly team, we speak daily on slack, weekly via hangouts with the whole company, and we arrange two conferences a year where everyone gets the opportunity to get to know each other in the physical world. We work hard, but we know the value of balance, so we also spend a lot of time trying to refine our processes and improve how we work. Our sales processes are long; we need to be persistent and have a long-term perspective on our service, while innovating aggressively.


KRY is transforming the world of healthcare by making it more accessible and convenient. With KRY’s app you can meet a doctor or therapist at any time or location, using your phone or tablet. KRY is the market leader and only CE-certified, app-based service for meeting doctors through video meetings in Sweden. Through our strategic partnerships we can deliver streamlined, high-quality healthcare at the patient’s own convenience, whilst reducing the pressure on traditional healthcare providers so that they can provide better care for those patients most in need of it.


Shipwallet aggregates shipping services into a platform and offers "no-click shipping" algorithm to increase merchants conversion and sales. We are a team of e-Commerce veterans, now pioneering the shipping revolution. We are hell-bent on improving the way shipping works for shoppers, merchants and carriers: harnessing cutting edge technology, removing hurdles and adding transparency to the shipping process so everybody wins. We are a young startup hell-bent on improving all what's broken in shipping. Right now we're changing the way shipping works for shoppers, merchants and carriers. Let's remove the hurdles and waste, and make this ship fly. We have the knowledge, backing and connections to succeed. Our team is small and entrepreneurial. We move fast and expect a lot because we're working on something that will truly improve peoples lives, and we're eager to release the next version.


TransferGalaxy is an online mobile money transfer service that enables you to send money to your loved ones from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The recipients can receive money through their mobile wallet. TransferGalaxy offers you greater convenience, very low fees alternative to money transfer companies that often require their customers to visit a traditional money transfer agent to send money abroad. These old-fashioned services also tend to charge higher fees.


Sportswik är ett digitalt sportmagasin för idrottslag som inte får någon uppmärksamhet i traditionella medier. Vår mediaplattform gör det enkelt för alla runt lagen att skapa medialt innehåll i form av matchbilder, intervjuer, videoklipp, matchreferat och liverapportering av mål och andra händelser. Våra medlemmar får ett personligt sportmagasin baserat på matcher från de lag de valt att följa. Sportswik vill demokratisera mediabevakningen av sport med hjälp av användarvänlig teknologi så att idrottslag på alla nivåer kan få uppmärksamhet för sina prestationer och samma möjligheter till bevakning, statistik och analys som de stora lagen i de stora ligorna.


Most children have short attention spans. Natural User Interface® Technologies AB (NUITEQ®) solves that problem in elementary education. NUITEQ has developed MultiTeach, a software suite of collaborative learning games for touch screens that is used in classrooms to empower educators to teach and helps children to learn in a more engaging and playful way. The software improves educational outcomes for teachers, students and schools. The product creates higher engagement, better collaboration and greater enjoyment, when learning. Research shows that children learn more when they "play". This is why NUITEQ is re-imagining and redefining education technology, by making education more fun. The company has customers and partners in over 70 countries.


Be the perfect host, with the help of Roombler on your iPhone or iPad. Manage your lodgings, stay on top of bookings, manage stays and welcome visitors. Founded by tech entrepreneur and indie hotelier Björn Milton, supported by a team of specialists based on the Swedish island of Gotland, in use from Australia to Cambodia, Sweden and beyond.


KitchenTime is an e-commerce site that offers high quality kitchenware at good prices. We strive to be the number one choice for customers shopping for kitchen utensils, bake ware, and everything in between that is connected to our lives in the kitchen. We’re continuously expanding our already grand selection of products, with the goal to offer the widest variety of kitchenware online. We’re always looking for new talent and ways of adding great ideas to the table; so don’t hesitate to contact us if you find our business interesting. We believe the kitchen to be the heart of every home, and we’re fascinated of what can be accomplished there. With the help of great products you can easily add quality to the time spent in the kitchen, as well as gaining more time to enjoy the food you created. Therefore we strive to offer products helping our customers to succeed in the kitchen.


We are a Stockholm-based IT startup tired of bad home deliveries - a last mile delivery experience suited for your needs. Our aim is to make the end customers feel relaxed, informed and in control of their deliveries from the moment they place their order until the goods is in their hands.

Arthro Therapeutics

Arthro Therapeutics is pioneering software-as-a-medicine for osteoarthritis, re-thinking and transforming how people get diagnosed and treatment for the chronic disease. Our flagship product “Joint Academy”, approaches healthcare with real science (clinical evidence) primed by objective data to deliver the best outcome for healthy joints. For the hardest-to-treat conditions we simply believe we have to go beyond pills and surgery. We have gathered industry experts, professors, physiotherapists, engineers and venture capital from relevant firms to solve this problem. We have the Swedish government as customers as well as major insurance companies.


< Developing friendly video technology, worldwide > We’re a dedicated team who love code, customers, & creativity. You’ll never find a partner like us when it comes to video technology & digital product development. Check out why among our reference projects. Welcome to the Codemill family!


Algoryx Simulation is a leading provider of software and services for visual and interactive physics based simulation. Algoryx currently provides three products, AgX Dynamics andDynamics for SpaceClaim for the professional market and Algodoo for the education market. In addition, AgX Dynamics is OEM licensed and integrated into many end user simulation and simulator solutions. Algoryx engages a team of developers and researches, many with more than 15 years of experience in interactive simulation. Together we have designed and developed a next generation physics engine with fidelity, performance, functionality and extensibility that surpasses all comparable solutions on the market