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Customer Service

Customer Success Intern

Marketing & Communication

Internship - Marketing/Social Media & Copywriting

Marketing & Communication

GROW Consultant - Creative Content Strategist

Marketing & Communication

GROW Consultant - Marketing Operations Technologist

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BoardClic AB

BoardClic is fast growing SaaS start up with the mission to build sound companies and trust in leaders and help companies perform better. Our digital platform offers Smart Assessments to Board of Directors, CEOs and other leaders – based on a user-centric design approach and data analytics. We are bringing Innovation, Science and Transparency into Corporate Governance, an universally hot area.


We are behavioural scientist and work with building relationship competence and train people in the skills needed. We develop an app for couples to talk about what is really important and connect. We compare it to a gym for relationships. We are also coaching parents and couples 1 on 1, have classes and seminars.

Bzzt AB

Human TransportationWe drive small, electrically powered taxi pods that quickly get you where you want, for almost no money at all – and completely without exhaust gases.AdvertisementWe have a LED screen on top of the vehicles. Also, we foliate the vehicles for special campaigns with our customers and do sampling campaigns where the driver hands out sampling to customers.Courier ServiceBetween driving customers we deliver parcels

Up For Sports

We want to make it easier and more accessible for people to find, book and start practising sports while at the same time tend to all sport coaches out there. Are you an educated coach a professional athlete or someone who have practised a sport for a long time? Great, then you’re qualified to create training classes for our users to browse and book. You determine the when, where and fee and we make sure your class is exposed to all our users.


Våra medarbetare är engagerade och mår bra, och vi har datan för att bevisa det! Vi tror på att ge våra anställda stor frihet, mycket ansvar och möjligheter att växa. Tillsammans skapar vi en marknadsledande produkt som i sin tur hjälper dess användare att bli mer engagerade, må bättre och prestera bättre. Bli en del av gemenskapen du också!

sustainable solutions

We have a knitwear label named Fluffwear. We use locally sourced wool, dyed with GOTS cert locally produced mineral dyes. We have designed a modern take on the classic aran sweater which is our key piece. We have help from one other knitter and everything related to the business we do ourselves; knitting, social media and marketing, photography, admin, sales and everything else you can think of. We sell our pieces all over the world and we are unable to keep up with demand, hence our desire to source help.