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Full-stack developer

Chief Technology Officer & Co- founder


Sociala medier/mediaproduktion/livsstilsapp – testa dina vingar och dina idéer

Marketing & Communication

Marketeer connecting with business pioneers (part time)

Full-stack developer

Experienced developer

Full-stack developer

Full-stack developer to growing health tech startup

Project Management

Product Manager to growing Health Tech Startup


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We want to provide parents simplicity. Parently offer a more sustainable everyday life with a subscription service for baby products. Products from both suppliers, resellers and private persons. Choosing and buying strollers, baby carriers, car seats, cots etc. is an expensive and time consuming challenge, and sometimes the equipment is only used a few months per child. Then it has to be sold, given away or stored unused for years until the next kid comes. With a new subscription service for child gear, we want to contribute to the circular economy while giving families a high-quality experience without having to buy and own even more stuff. Long term without any time constraints. Short term rents for ex. travelling. We want to meet the ‘Nowner’ generation’s strive for freedom, experiences and access to solutions rather than consumption of things.

Preggo Gravid & Lifestyle

Preggo Gravid & Lifestyle är en livststilapp för gravida kvinnor och deras eventuella partners. Preggo släpptes på App Store och Google Play vid årsskiftet och har idag över 40 000 downloads. Vi når i nuläget en fjärdedel av Sveriges gravida kvinnor, nu vill vi lägga in en till växel och accelerera upp, både i Sverige och i Norden.


Desifer is a trusted co-creator of new business. We help business pioneers in large corporations to build new products and ventures and those who are founders of startups to accelerate their market launch. For us, business pioneers are the people who feel a need to challenge the status quo and change things to the better. They do this to create growth in their companies or simply to create a better tomorrow. They are CEO’s, business developers, corporate innovators or startup founders.


We create spaces for neighbours to collaborate and thrive. The value of a good neighbour is immense but people feel awkward making these connections. Boappa is a communication platform for housing cooperatives and home-owners associations that encourage neighbours to collaboration, the sharing economy and a positive community.

About Since 2013, Swedish are developing powerful TTS applications from own needs (dyslexia & ADHD) for Schools, Universities and workplaces. Always with focus on the end user. Technical competence inhouse. The users are people who get more productive by listening to text. They might have Dyslexia, ADHD, digital eystrain or they just prefer to listen to their second language. We today reach over 200 000 students in Sweden and our users can listen to text in 20 different languages. Our Philosophy We don't like prestige. Everything in is very down to earth. Instead of founder, CEO, CMO, CTO....those big titles, we prefer you just call me: engineer, sales, designer or digital marketer. We share, care, respect and support each other and love to hear honest advices, the truths and no sugar-covered lie. We take challenge and work hard constantly. We achieve our dream, never quit until we win :) Does it sound like you, then you can drop your CV and connect with us.

Nordic Forest Games

We have one goal in mind: happiness through health. The world is quickly becoming less and less fit. Many of us don't move this beautiful body of ours nearly as much as we should. And as we all know, it is not always easy. We are making it easy for you. We make it fun to move. Improved health leads to lot of benefits for the individual like better sleep quality, improved sex life, better memory AND it combats ageing. In short, it leads to a happier, better and longer life. How amazing is that :D We offer entertaining, physically demanding games and combine them with the tools from casual gaming to make them addictive.