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Bzzt AB

Human TransportationWe drive small, electrically powered taxi pods that quickly get you where you want, for almost no money at all – and completely without exhaust gases.AdvertisementWe have a LED screen on top of the vehicles. Also, we foliate the vehicles for special campaigns with our customers and do sampling campaigns where the driver hands out sampling to customers.Courier ServiceBetween driving customers we deliver parcels

Up For Sports

We want to make it easier and more accessible for people to find, book and start practising sports while at the same time tend to all sport coaches out there. Are you an educated coach a professional athlete or someone who have practised a sport for a long time? Great, then you’re qualified to create training classes for our users to browse and book. You determine the when, where and fee and we make sure your class is exposed to all our users.


Våra medarbetare är engagerade och mår bra, och vi har datan för att bevisa det! Vi tror på att ge våra anställda stor frihet, mycket ansvar och möjligheter att växa. Tillsammans skapar vi en marknadsledande produkt som i sin tur hjälper dess användare att bli mer engagerade, må bättre och prestera bättre. Bli en del av gemenskapen du också!

sustainable solutions

We have a knitwear label named Fluffwear. We use locally sourced wool, dyed with GOTS cert locally produced mineral dyes. We have designed a modern take on the classic aran sweater which is our key piece. We have help from one other knitter and everything related to the business we do ourselves; knitting, social media and marketing, photography, admin, sales and everything else you can think of. We sell our pieces all over the world and we are unable to keep up with demand, hence our desire to source help.


At Skira we're on a mission to enable an optimal and sustainable food trade - We work hard every day aiming to help farmers bring better food to more people through technology. We’ve successfully deployed Sweden’s first digital grain trading platform and made transactions worth millions of SEK, using a method no one said would be possible. During 2020 we will continue to drive innovation in trade, adding the biggest AI/ML-project the Europe business has ever seen.And we’ve only just begun.


Quartal  is a venture management firm specialized on helping international companies establish their business in Sweden without any hassle. We set up the company from registration to managing business operations. Our commitment is to make sure our clients have the right circumstances to become tomorrows frontrunners in the land of tech unicorn and corporate giants. is a digital platform for endurance racing such as running, cycling, swimming and triathlon. We aim to be the leading global race community and race organizers given choice for handling their race participants digital experience. has collaborations with races all over the world, such as Åre Extreme Challenge, X-tri World Series, Rockman Swimrun, EcoTrail Stockholm and many more.


SWITCHR is the energy company owned by the people. It is the green tech first-mover where anyone can invest in large scale solar power plants through an intuitive investment platform. While doing this, users can create an income and follow the energy production in realtime on their smartphone.With an innovative business model and a highly experienced team, we build the company with previous successful startups and an exit experience in the backpack.  SWITCHR is a highly experienced and diverse team united under one mission: To grow a movement that is bound to transform the energy and the financial industry forever. Simon Uldén, CEO & FounderFounder of Urban Garden (2014) & Svensk Solkraft (2016), SWITCHR’s CEO Simon is an environmentalist and startup entrepreneur by heart. Besides three years of solid experience in the solar energy field, he also has well-needed knowledge in digital marketing and backend development. Moreover, Simon completed a long-distance sailing from Sweden to Australia​​​, as a captain at the age of 22. This feat is proof of his tireless grit and an ability to lead a team and navigate past any obstacle to reach success. Lars G. Dysterud Hansen, COO & FounderAs a true veteran of solar energy, Lars has worked with solar power in Italy since 2003. He also co-founded Norsk Solkraft in 2005 and Aega in 2013, the latter which is now successfully listed at Oslo Axess. Lars was also instrumental in establishing Intpow (Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners).Bjørn I. Bjørnnes, CFO & FounderBjørn has no less than 11 years of experience in the field of solar energy. As a co-founder of Norsk Solkraft in 2005, he’s been responsible for large-scale solar PV project development. Bjørn is a man with many strings on his bow, and has a diverse background with experience ranging from start-up consulting and project management to accounting.Marketing team The marketing team consists of a dedicated trio with several noteworthy feats under their respective belts. These feats include the growth of Instagram accounts in different niches ( Such as Swedish House Mafia’s account), from zero to 100.000+ followers. Tech teamSWITCHR’s tech team holds previous experience ranging from successful startups such as Just Arrived to major Swedish companies like Swish. We believe we have a truly well-rounded team with limitless creative powers and expertise spanning from Branding and Digital Design to Web Development and Digital Marketing.


Frekis mission is to increase reuse of resources by simplifying micro mobility and reduce need of ownerships.  We believe our contribution is important for environment, making a positive change for both safe commuting and fun.  We also want to empower communities with new sharing opportunities, where new businesses, new operators and new jobs are created.


Collect, organize and connect their energy data to third party services. Metry is a global directory for energy data that helps energy consumers to discover potential energy savings in buildings, businesses and households.Metry is used by energy utilities, real estate companies and energy service providers that want to make energy a bit more understandable and engaging to everybody.

Startdeliver AB

Startdeliver är en ny generationen mjukvara (SaaS) inom Customer Success - ett nytt sätt att jobba med kunder. Företag som använder Startdeliver är datadrivna och jobbar med att leverera mätbara resultat till sina kunder, allt sker i och genom vår plattform. De här företagen har insett att det enda långsiktiga sättet att växa är att aldrig sluta leverera. Vi är ett svenskt tech-bolag som sedan lanseringen 2018 sett en mycket stor efterfrågan på vår produkt och håller på att bygga upp bolaget för vidare tillväxt och expansion. Du kommer in i ett företag under pågående scale-up fas och mycket högt tempo.

ON-IQ Solutions AB

ON-IQ work to provide IT-Solutions in computer vision, machine learning, image processing and analysis. We work as consultants and have done various projects in the field of Retail, Transport, Infrastructure and Agriculture.  We have done extensive projects from research to development both long and short term basis.

Videquus AB

Videquus is an intelligent camera for horses. With AI and computer vision the camera learns how the horse behaves and can send an alarm if it detect something that deviates from the normal behavior. Everything is packaged in a nice app where horse owners can learn more about their horses' behavior in order to increase well being and performance. Going forward Videquus will become the hub in the intelligent stable.


Atomize is considered “the new kid on the block”, but despite that, currently the fastest trending Revenue Management Software (RMS) provider for hotels and we have no other plans than to accelerate that pace even more. We build world-leading software based on AI and Machine Learning, enabling hotels to automatically set the optimal prices for their vacant rooms. What’s in it for you: Be part of building something really big, from the start. Work with some of the brightest people in tech Autonomous role with great responsibility from day 1. Ping-pong, great coffee and beverages Good base salary with a great bonus package

The Common Closets

The Common Closets is one big digital shared closet. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform and aims to become the Airbnb of fashion. By enabling owners and borrowers to rent from each other, we can contribute to a sustainable fashion consumption. You can consume fashion with no harm on the environment and at a fraction of the retail price. We will launch in Stockholm this fall/winter buy offering peer to peer renting. More revenue streams and geographic markets to follow.