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LUP Technologies

LUPNUMBER® is a visitor training system that will help industry site owners to reach out with safety routines and operating procedures to transport companies and individual truck drivers. LUPNUMBER® has been developed together with prominent industrial companies to increase safety, reduce risks and secure traffic on-site. Our vision is to create a new information standard for how trucks drive. Our ambition is to help companies solve their concrete problems with truck transport on-site.


We are building the world's largest jewelry house, online. We are trying to do that by offering engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, and jewelry for all of the greatest moments in life at an unmatched price and customer experience. We launched our first website in 2014 and are currently one of the biggest brands, on- and offline when it comes to jewelry in all of Sweden.


Olivia is an app that guides women through their menopause journey, helping them understand and track their signs. Menopause is a natural part of womanhood, but still a topic often not spoken about. We want to open up the conversation on menopause and empower women with knowledge on what's going on in their bodies during this phase of life. We plan on doing this with a tool where women can understand their unique menopause journey, by tracking their menopause signs and providing personalised advice on what you can do to feel better. Olivia is in early-stage development at the moment, but you can have a look at our website for more information:

Optimal Solutions Nordic AB

Optimal Solutions (OptiSol) is a reliable outsourcing services partner providing optimized business solutions with delivery excellence for Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises in Nordic countries with development centers in India. OptiSol provides comprehensive IT solutions that includes Web App development, Mobile App development, Professional services and Commercial Package implementations. OptiSol have flexible engagement options on a proven Onsite – Offshore framework that suits needs from all gamut of customers – startup, Independent Software Vendor (ISV), small or mid-size companies and Enterprises.


Have you ever needed to buy something for work, only to find yourself dreading the inevitable paperwork that comes with it? That's what we're fixing - and more. Pleo is a business spending platform that allows employees to ditch paper receipts and expense reports, and companies to easily delegate spending, build a trusting organisation and embrace the future of work. Simply pay with the Pleo prepaid Mastercard, get notified on your phone, take a picture of the receipt and you’re done! Pleo is just a concept without our people. Despite our upbringings, backgrounds, or lifestyles, we share the same set of values that mold us together and helps us to mold the company we want to be. We celebrate trust and transparency, and it is a matter of the heart for us to make every employee feel empowered and comfortable with their work environment.

Equality Check

Equality Check is a community-based platform catalyzing diversity through increased transparency and accountability. We provide a platform for crowdsourced anonymous reviews about perceived equality in the workplace. We empower people to drive change by adding a sense of urgency through increased transparency and raise their voice anonymously. We provide the ability to learn about other companies before choosing jobs and help other job seekers find a company where they will have equal opportunities.


Scouth is a tech-talent network on a mission to connect Africa’s most talented software engineers to tech companies globally. Our HQ is situated in Gothenburg (Sweden) with local representation in Lagos, Accra, Nairobi and Kampala. Africa has the largest untapped pool of tech talent while Swedish tech sector is facing a major skills shortage. We help close the talent gap by connecting them.


Boostified is a tool for mass recommendations. We are a tech company with unicorn ambitions and we believe in the future of marketing, that marketing should be authentic, genuine and custom made for you as an individual. Why advertisement when people can recommend their favorite products to their friends in social media. Pay with your recommendation and spread authentic marketing today! And yes! you will receiving your favorite products for free.


At Qoitech, we are passionate about product longevity. We endeavor to make the most effective developer tools for the ​energy optimization of battery-driven products. By enabling ease of use, our products help developers, throughout the stack, to develop for longer battery life, shorter development cycles, and lower maintenance cost.


We're saving the world from Excel! With a vision of self service planning in the future, we are building a simple, yet powerful SaaS platform for quantitative business planning processes (typically, but in no way limited to, budgeting and forecasting). Today we quickly tailor bespoke planning solutions with very little consultancy, mainly for midsize and larger customers. In the future, the customers enable themselves and together we rid the world of the Excel misuse!


Bolt is one of the fastest growing startups in the world with over 25 million happy customers in 30+ countries, from Europe to Mexico to Africa. We’re building the future of transport – one platform that connects you with cars, motorcycles, scooter sharing, and anything else you need to move around in your city. Fast, convenient and affordable for everyone, as transport should be. We believe in a future with less car ownership and flexible urban mobility. By bringing reliable on-demand transport to the masses, we’re helping cities evolve towards decreased traffic congestion and pollution. Having reached a $1B valuation in just 5 years, we’re all about hyper-fast growth. And we’re just getting started. Let’s build the future of transportation together! More info at


The way we've always gone to therapy is not made for the way we live today. Scheduling an appointment on the other side of town to talk about your inner feelings and problems long after they actually happen is not the way to do it. Also, most people choose not to see a therapist because it's either embarrassing or uncomfortable to sit infront of a complete stranger and talk about the most private things in life. Therefore Mendly was born. By being able to write to your therapist via text whenever you want and wherever you might be we bring the effectiveness of therapy to you instead of you going out to find it. Your therapist respond at least once every work day. If the need for a more intense communication occur, Mendly provide both chat and video calls for 25 minutes. The calls are scheduled together with your therapist. Messaging therapy, whenever, wherever, for all.


Our mission is to globally help people who snore. To provide a scalable solution to be used at home or in clinic. Goodsomnia is an easy-to-use solution for snoring evaluation and treatment. The patented Stop-snoring device has only to be used for 30-60 seconds a day for 3 weeks with an effect that lasts up to a few months, and it treats the cause of snoring, not just mask it.

Indicio Technologies

Indicio Technologies turns a traditional team of market researchers into a team of data scientists. Enabling data-driven decisions and giving you capabilities to act prior to market changes. Indicio automates the indicator mining and model building and has all the major data suppliers integrated into the platform, so you can focus on what's driving the market instead of data wrangling. Indicio is applied within the industrial, real estate, banking, and the financial sector.

Ultiro AB

Ultiro is an international IT company with headquarters in Stockholm and development centers in Africa. By working on projects and tasks with offshore developers in developing countries, we are able to provide cost effective and efficient solutions to our customers while at the same time creating powerful social impact. Our capabilities include IT development, Digital Design, Product Development, Consulting, among others. We use our user centric product design and development expertise to achieve quantifiable business goals, build a strong design framework early on and empower our clients to continue maintaining a consistent product.