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Baffin Bay Networks

Baffin Bay Networks provides complete Threat mitigation as a cloud delivered service. Founded in 2017 by leading industry experts, Baffin Bay Networks is a Swedish tech start-up poised to disrupt the cloud-based cyber security market. Headquartered in Stockholm and with globally distributed Threat Protection Centers we protect our customers from the most advanced network and application based attacks.


Det ska gå snabbt att handla på internet.Ungefär samma dagen-snabbt, tycker vi. Hos många av våra e-handlare kan du både handla och hämta ut din order i våra förvaringsskåp samma dag.Vi startade 2015 och idag finns vi i Stockholm, Göteborg, Uppsala och Borås. Mot slutet av 2018 räknar vi med att pryda vårt land med 200 skåp. Vi bryr oss lika mycket om dina paket som du gör. Vi tycker inte det behöver vara mycket svårare än så.


With Gaddr, you browse all social feeds in one place and get one username for all your profiles. In one search you find billions of global profiles and can consume content from any social platform. Values for users: - Increased traffic - One username for all profiles - Increased cross-engagement - One platform for everything social - Improved relationship between creators & followers Gaddr has thousands of active users from all over the world including brands, influencers, politicians, and social users.

Local Glimpse

Local Glimpse is a Human to Human (H2H as we like to call it) video marketing startup based in the center of Stockholm. We are focusing on producing human-centric videos to help fast-growing companies attract, recruit, onboard and retain talents. We have many positions open in marketing, sales, leads, editing and are always open to new applicants. We hire on skills and attitude, not degree! So apply away!


We are: The first Digital Therapeutics service on the market using lifestyle and nutrition to prevent lifestyle related chronic conditions . Our company is part of Karolinska Institutet Innovation - Drive program  What we do: We develop and provide technology mixed with a human touch to empower, engage and reward healthy behaviors. Our mission is: Our mission is to eliminate non-communicable diseases and to support sustainable and healthy living for all humans.


Based out of Stockholm, Epiceros deliver product solutions to clients in the real money gaming sector. We are a great and experienced team with fantastic clients that we serve out of our lovely offices in the center of Stockholm. Everyone who works at Epiceros do so with the ambition to excel with our clients while having fun during the ride!

10X:ity Group

We help grow your sales tenfold (10X)We produce unique highly engaging SEO content for the Web and Social Media Content in Swedish, but also in Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. We also do all kind of translations from English. Almost everyone agrees: content marketing is vital for profitable growth. But they also agree that it is challenging to produce unique, appealing content on a regular basis. With our years of experience, we at 10X:ity can offer meaningful Swedish marketing content.  We have a passion for helping small- and medium-sized businesses to reach their sales/conversion rate tenfold (10X)Our core value is RespectRespect for each other, our clients, our fellow people, and planet earth.

Inex One

Inex One is a one-stop-shop for managing your expert networks. Reduce admin hassle, improve compliance and reduce costs. Inex One is used by the best teams on the planet to manage their expert calls. The team behind Inex One is former consultants, investment professionals and techies, wanting to help users better tap into the world's expertise. Inex One is made up of a strong team of serial entrepreneurs. We have central offices in Stockholm  and Paris, being true to our ambition of a flexible worklife balance. Our culture is values-driven with a dual mission: to deliver sustainable service excellence to customers, and maintain an environment where our employees can thrive.We know all about expert calls: how valuable they can be, and how messy they can be to manage. We've been heavy users as consultants and investment analysts. A few years back, we even created and ran a successful expert network. Inex One is the tool we always wished we had. Now it's here, for you to do great expert calls.

Caterbee - Catering made easy

Caterbee is a digital startup within food-tech. Situated in downtown Stockholm, we launched our demo website in May 2018 and are aiming for a 10 million SEK turnover 2019. Our vision and idea is, by creating a digital B2B marketplace, to make it possible for people in office spaces ordering catering food smooth and easy from many different caterers. Caterbee are growing with a high pace and the business model is thought to be scalable. Sounds lika a place you would thrive in? We are hiring!


Quartal  is a venture management firm specialized on helping international companies establish their business in Sweden without any hassle. We set up the company from registration to managing business operations. Our commitment is to make sure our clients have the right circumstances to become tomorrows frontrunners in the land of tech unicorn and corporate giants. is a digital platform for endurance racing such as running, cycling, swimming and triathlon. We aim to be the leading global race community and race organizers given choice for handling their race participants digital experience. has collaborations with races all over the world, such as Åre Extreme Challenge, X-tri World Series, Rockman Swimrun, EcoTrail Stockholm and many more.


MEVISIO is a digital platform for leaders and team members in the Lean organization. The platform is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for visualization and teamwork. Unlike other tools, MEVISIO handles information on customized boards that are designed for interaction, synchronized and updated in real time. Our customers come from many industries, e.g. manufacturing, services and healthcare. We're located at WeWork in central Stockholm.


SWITCHR is the energy company owned by the people. It is the green tech first-mover where anyone can invest in large scale solar power plants through an intuitive investment platform. While doing this, users can create an income and follow the energy production in realtime on their smartphone.With an innovative business model and a highly experienced team, we build the company with previous successful startups and an exit experience in the backpack.  SWITCHR is a highly experienced and diverse team united under one mission: To grow a movement that is bound to transform the energy and the financial industry forever. Simon Uldén, CEO & FounderFounder of Urban Garden (2014) & Svensk Solkraft (2016), SWITCHR’s CEO Simon is an environmentalist and startup entrepreneur by heart. Besides three years of solid experience in the solar energy field, he also has well-needed knowledge in digital marketing and backend development. Moreover, Simon completed a long-distance sailing from Sweden to Australia​​​, as a captain at the age of 22. This feat is proof of his tireless grit and an ability to lead a team and navigate past any obstacle to reach success. Lars G. Dysterud Hansen, COO & FounderAs a true veteran of solar energy, Lars has worked with solar power in Italy since 2003. He also co-founded Norsk Solkraft in 2005 and Aega in 2013, the latter which is now successfully listed at Oslo Axess. Lars was also instrumental in establishing Intpow (Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners).Bjørn I. Bjørnnes, CFO & FounderBjørn has no less than 11 years of experience in the field of solar energy. As a co-founder of Norsk Solkraft in 2005, he’s been responsible for large-scale solar PV project development. Bjørn is a man with many strings on his bow, and has a diverse background with experience ranging from start-up consulting and project management to accounting.Marketing team The marketing team consists of a dedicated trio with several noteworthy feats under their respective belts. These feats include the growth of Instagram accounts in different niches ( Such as Swedish House Mafia’s account), from zero to 100.000+ followers. Tech teamSWITCHR’s tech team holds previous experience ranging from successful startups such as Just Arrived to major Swedish companies like Swish. We believe we have a truly well-rounded team with limitless creative powers and expertise spanning from Branding and Digital Design to Web Development and Digital Marketing.


Frekis mission is to increase reuse of resources by simplifying micro mobility and reduce need of ownerships.  We believe our contribution is important for environment, making a positive change for both safe commuting and fun.  We also want to empower communities with new sharing opportunities, where new businesses, new operators and new jobs are created.


Woshapp is revolutionizing car washing in a sustainable way through an on-demand car wash service saving up to 200 liters of water per wash and plenty of time, for both consumers and companies. Among the companies using the service are global car rental companiesThe company is backed by competent investors and is currently planning its international expansion.