About us

What is The Hub?

The Hub is an open digital platform tailored to the needs of growth startups. The aim with The Hub is to give visibility to all Swedish startups and via the platform assist startups with the recruitment of talents, finding and contacting investors, and also offering best practice tools that most startups have a need for.

Who is the target group for TheHub.se?

Half of the target group is companies based in Sweden with growth ambitions. This gives them different challenges related to scalability. Finding the right team members to build their company is on top of the list. The other half of the target group consists of the people who want to work in a startup or a growth business in Sweden. It is those who are already a part of the startup community, students with the dream of becoming entrepreneurs, and staff members at more established firms who previously had a hard time locating jobs on the startup scene. TheHub.se is accessible for growth companies as well as their potential employees across professions, industries, and geography.

Who is the team behind TheHub.se?

TheHub.se is based on a strategic partnership between Danske Bank and startup hub SUP46. The project has been fuelled by their joint wish to support Swedish startups - with a global outlook and the ambition to expand fast - to grow. SUP46 has since started out in 2013 actively worked to help better the conditions for Swedish startups through various initiatives and by providing an open meeting place for 30.000 visitors per year. SUP46 also runs a members-based community for Sweden’s next startup stars and has through that seen the need for an open digital platform giving startups visibility, especially within the field of recruitment. This is something both parties hope to help all Swedish Startups with through theHub.se. The Hub.se also collaborates with trusted partners in the Swedish startup community: Malmö Startups & MINC in Malmö, G-Lab21 in Gothenburg, LEAD in Linköping & Norrköping, and BASE10 in Uppsala. Additional partners will be invited to join TheHub.se on a running basis. SUP46 and Rainmaking, which Danske Bank collaborates with in Denmark, are experienced players in the Swedish and Danish startup community and therefore natural partners for The Hub.

How do I register my company and vacant positions?

If your company has a recruitment need, you are very welcome to use the platform - it is totally free, no cost or pricing at all. Log in and create a profile to post a job. Or write an email to info@thehub.se and we will assist you. 

How do I become featured in the Funding section?

As you may have noticed, we operate with a broad definition of funding for startups. Aside from money it can come in the form of knowledge or connect them to the right collaborators at the right time. If you provide any of that - as an accelerator, incubator, venture capital firm or an independent investor - we would like to learn more about you. Reach out to info@thehub.se.

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